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PACs and PVCs Can Be Diagnosed with a Portable Monitor

11 Jul

Cardiac Monitoring Services provides physicians and patients with innovative heart-monitoring devices. The portable heart monitors featured by Cardiac Monitoring Services arm doctors with accurate, continuous data that enable them to provide the best treatment to patients with irregular heartbeats and other cardiac conditions. One of the conditions sometimes monitored in this way is the arrhythmia known as premature beats.

Usually, premature beats are generally innocuous and therefore do not produce symptoms. However, when symptoms do appear, they do so in the form of a skipped beat or a kind of fluttering. In healthy people, this common arrhythmia typically does not need to be treated.

If the beats take place in the upper chambers of the heart, or the atria, then they are classified as PACs, short for premature atrial contractions. If the beats take place in the lower chambers of the heart, or the ventricles, they are referred to as PVCs, or premature ventricular contractions.

While PACs and PVCs typically occur naturally, they can be precipitated by heart disease too. When they result from disease, a heart monitor is used to diagnose and assess the irregular heartbeat. Too much stress or exercise or the consumption of too much caffeine are often responsible for premature beats as well.