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CMS Holter Devices and Event Monitors

18 Apr

Cardiac Monitoring Services provides doctors’ offices and other medical facilities with a number of heart monitoring devices and technologies. Cardiac Monitoring Services operates out of Irvine, California.

Medical professionals in and around Irvine, California, can enlist Cardiac Monitoring Services (CMS) for two unique heart monitoring devices, both of which are provided free of charge. The Holter device is worn by a patient for anywhere from one to seven days; during this time, the Holter device records each individual heartbeat. After this period the device can be returned by the doctor for in-depth analysis.

Alternately, the event monitor is worn for a substantially longer stretch of time; a patient given an event monitor may be instructed to wear the device for multiple weeks. In general, however, they are advised to wear it for about 30 days, though doctors may lengthen that period if they feel it is in a patient’s best interest. As with the Holter device, the event monitor is returned by the patient’s doctor after the trial and analyzed by Cardiac Monitoring Services.