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CAD and Heart Attacks as Causes of Heart Failure

11 Mar

Cardiac Monitoring Services is an Irvine, California, company that provides heart monitoring equipment to local medical facilities at no charge. The devices carried by Cardiac Monitoring Services can be worn by a patient for one day or more than a month and may help prevent a heart condition from progressing to complete heart failure.

Every hour, 60 Americans die as a result of heart failure. This serious health issue can occur as the result of various conditions. Coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart attacks are two of the best-known examples of physical events that lead to heart failure. A person living with CAD experiences a decrease in blood flow to the heart muscle. When the arteries become severely or fully blocked, the heart will be starved of oxygen and critical nutrients, eventually succumbing to failure.

A heart attack can happen for several reasons, including CAD. When all or part of the heart muscle is removed from its oxygen source, the muscle will become damaged and scarred. Whether the heart attack is moderate or severe, the muscle will be permanently damaged and cease to function properly. A heart attack can also be brought about due to unusually high levels of stress placed upon the heart, including both physical and psychological stress.