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Qualifications for Certified Cardiographic Technician Examination

6 Aug

Based in Irvine, California, Cardiac Monitoring Services facilitates the detection of heart conditions for health professionals across the country. Cardiac Monitoring Services offers technology for both short-term and long-term heart monitoring, providing both equipment and results summaries to physicians. The company’s technicians have substantial experience in the field, each maintaining qualifications as a certified cardiographic technician (CCT).

Individuals can earn the CCT designation from Cardiovascular Credentialing International. A non-profit organization, it has administered credential examinations since 1968 and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

To qualify for the CCT examination, one must have a high school or general education diploma. Additionally, applicants must fulfill at least one of four educational or occupational requirements before sitting for the exam. Individuals who are currently enrolled in, or have already graduated from, a cardiovascular health training program may submit proof of enrollment or completion to qualify for the exam. The same verification requirements apply to those having an undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study.

Occupational experience can also serve as a qualification for the CCT exam. Individuals with current or prior employment history related to cardiovascular technology are eligible to take the exam upon submitting a recent employment verification letter. Applicants who have volunteered in the field for at least two years may also take the test, if they have two years of documented technical experience.